Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Pioneer - Stg 3

What is it that makes a brutal MTB course in savage heat so inspiring? What makes a young woman continue on after her father and then two British military riders quit? She finishes the 75km 2500 m course in 12 hours!
For me it was yet another lesson in the energy sapping power of the sun. It seems every so often I feel the need to test my limits and fail. It wasn't all bad, not at all. The first 900m climb was incredible, the scenery indescribably beautiful and the descent was a hair raising white knuckle brake burner.
I guess the answer to the original question is that testing and setting new limits is what drives the human spirit, it's what makes us human in large part.
I'm so tired and it's only day 3. Tomorrow is a slightly easier ride but it will be hot again, let's see how the legs wake up tomorrow
Lots more i could write about my awesome team mate and rest of the Aussie masters contingent but I can't keep my eyes open any longer.
Keep riding

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