Friday, January 29, 2016

3 Challenges for Cyclists Travelling Overseas

Packing for a big race is always a process of careful selection then elimination. If an item can fulfil multiple roles then so much the better. Heading to a race overseas introduces a whole other world of considerations, mostly relating to weight and security. Here is my experience heading to NZ; I had a bit of luck but next time I'll be better prepared and not so dependent on good luck and a kind hostess.
1. Bike bags are heavy. I packed my bike and then filled the space with a few of my bulkier items like sleeping bag, shoes, helmet, bidons. Yep it was heavy, 29kg in fact! The lady at check in confirmed the limit of 23kg, oh dear. My only hope was a winning smile and a pleading pair of eyes, like I said lucky.  Next time I might consider a box, not as fashionable as my EVO bag but a lot lighter!
2. For security I had a plan and was a little better prepared, putting my gels in a translucent plastic bag. Nup it's got to be clear and lucky they have some available, but not big enough to fit all my gels so I stuff a few back into the bottom of my pack and hope to get through. Next time I think the best plan is just buy it all at the race.
3. Carry on was my last hurdle, 7kg limit they say. Yeah right. I'm carrying a backpack that must be atleast 15kg. Well I'm through security so here's hoping that smile works again. Perhaps I could have done without a few items of clothing but I see a few other travellers with the same size carry on so all I need is to get on the plane. Here's hoping! I wonder when they will introduce "Total passenger weight" into the equation?
Next stop Christchurch
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