Saturday, October 4, 2014

Quantum of Solace

Yes it's a bit corny, but being a James Bond fan I just couldn't resist the pun on this title and the reference to our awesome team Quantum Racing.  The last two Saturday's have played out unexpectantly with two huge epic rides and not only have they been immensely enjoyable, but the fitness and strength is coming back too.  The first one last week was a 188km tour of South West Sydney, taking in the M7 Cycleway, then taking a loop through Wallacia, Warragamba, Picton, Menagle and back to the start at Bella Vista.  Michael, Jindra and I had a great ride that day, the conditions were perfect and we even had some energy at the end for a few fun games of attack and chase.
Parked at Warragamba Dam - no riding the security guard said in case we somehow inexplicably crash in the hand rail on a 5m wide path, go figure
The view from above Picton - quiet roads, green hills, lot's of sunshine

Today there was certainly no Solace as Ondrej and Alex joined the party, and Ondrej turned up the pace very early.  The ride was the famous Oaks-Ingar-Andersons-Oaks return loop right on 100 km and well over 2000m elevation.  We had a slight false start with a dodgy tyre, so whilst Jindra and Ondrej sorted that, Alex, Michael and I took a little reccie of the single track with fresh legs.  Once we all came together again the pace was on.  Ondrej, ever talking up his form, backed it up with a pace that left the rest gasping.  Michal, the poker face, kept his cards close to his chest and even better, kept Ondrej honest.  Jindra is the quiet one in the pack, you get the feeling he is just waiting for the perfect moment to jump out of the saddle and slay the bunch.  Alex, who is more my vintage rode like a trooper today and should be very happy with his form.

For me I was stoked to finally conquer the Ingar climb, but by the time we reached the highest point of the ride (also the halfway point) I knew I had burnt too many matches and the return leg, which still has heaps of climbing, would boil down to a lesson in suffering.  Either I was tired, or we had set a scorching pace up to Boddington, or both as it turned out.

I dont think I'll ever forget the climb coming back out of Bedford creek, at that point I could barely walk let alone ride, but the guys were there patiently waiting and happy to see me finish the segment.

In my mind the option of the train back to Glenbrook was being contemplated, but once we reached the Oaks trail again, I knew I could make it, I'd just have to suffer a little more.
A bit of luck for me, unlucky for Alex who punctured, but thanks to Jindra who helped with the repair, whilst I made for the exit as fast as my broken legs would propel me.

Finally the new bit of single track that replaces the old rocky goat track is an absolute ripper, and tired as I was, I enjoyed every metre.  Nice one WSMTB and National Parks.

It was another perfect day and we had a very strong crew, with Ondrej and Michal compelting the riding in around 4:30.  great training for them and the rest of the team for the Croc Trophy, go for it boys and thanks for a really unforgetable ride.  Maybe my legs will thank me in a few days time

Keep Riding

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