Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day 4 in the Dordogne

Our final day of cycling in the Perigord involved a fairly simple ride from Les Eyzies back to our starting point of 4 days ago, Lalinde.  It never ceases to amaze me just how much you can see from a bicycle and over this time we feel we have experienced so much of the French countryside in a relatively short space of time.

Today the abnormal run of warm sunshine finally broke and it sprinkled rain all day with the mercury barely rising over 5 degrees.  Yes we were a little cold, but still having a wonderful time and riding along the river and through forests in the rain brings on a whole different perspective.  Of course those little pit stops at the cafĂ© for a hot chocolate also came very welcome. 

Two of the towns we took in today included Limuel, a safe haven and port for heavy barges in centuries gone by situated in a strategic location at the confluence of the Vezere and Dordogne rivers and Tremolat, with it’s 12th century Romanesque church.  My favourite today was Le Bugue with it’s bustling little main street we stocked up on some cold meat, bread and pastries for lunch.  Again the little interactions you have with each shopkeeper are magic, whether or not they speak English they speak to you as if you are long lost friends, they are happy to serve you whatever you want and for 10 euro you can feast like a king.

Just 6km from the finish we sat under a tree by the river in Mauzac to eat our lunch and then finished the ride on a tiny little road that was barely doubletrack with the river on one side and vineyards on the other.  Arriving back at Les Magnolias, Robert of Aquitaine cycling was there to meet us and after a quick debrief, we retired to our warm room, showered and took a 2 hour nap.  This evening we walked around the town and along the river and then ate the best Chorizo pizza ever, from Ayrton Pizza.  A tiny little outlet operated by husband and wife we watched as they made our pizza, then we ate it in the desserted town square.  Quite a way to spend Easter Sunday!

Tomorrow we begin the 3rd phase of our holiday, hiring a car and heading south to Provence and the Luberon Valley.  Mont Ventoux awaits!

Keep riding


Leaving Les Eyzies
Le Bugue

Ho hum, yet another medieval farmhouse


View of the Dordogne from high above Tremuil

Country Roads

Mauzac on the Dordogne

Dordogne is the home of many Swans.  We watched them float down the river with the current feeding on the bottom and then, fly back up stream 


Jean Claude our Pizza maker of Ayrton Pizza

Country road and a sprint finish for Sarah back into Lalinde

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