Friday, April 18, 2014

Cycling the Dordogne Day 1

It was with mixed feelings that we boarded our train in Paris yesterday for the long trip south.  We had such a wonderful time in Paris, and yet we were ready for a change of scenery and a change of pace.  Our cycling adventure awaited in the Perigord region east of Bordeaux and so it was we found ourselves just 5 hours later in the warm sunny climate of Lalinde on the Dordogne River.  Dinner was amazing, just sitting in this quiet little village watching the sunset as we enjoyed a lovely French meal with red wine at La P’tit Loup (The Little Wolf).  Chilled classic jazz tracks from Charlie Parker and Miles Davis filled the air.

In the morning, our hosts at Les Magnolias served an authentic French breakfast with croissants, crusty bread, orange juice and a bowl of coffee.

Robert our cycling tour operator of Aquitaine bike hire arrived right on time and got us fitted out with the bikes and maps and we were off.  A slightly false start with me finding the one sliver of glass in all of France, but the puncture was quickly repaired and we were on our way.

The route from Lalinde to Belves took in several famous Bastides; Molieres, St Avit Senieur where we had espresso, Monpazier for lunch, Cadouin and finally Belves some 70 odd kilometres later.  This was to be the furthest and most climbing Sarah has ever done and she did it with style!

Monpazier was just amazing.  It was surreal to be sitting in the town square, enjoying Pizza and salad and to think it was founded in 1285 by Edward I, duke of Aquitaine.  It is the said to be the finest and best preserved bastide of the regions but our favourite was Cadouin nestled away in a sunny little valley.

Here are just a few pics to whet your appetite.

The Little Wolf - Lalinde


Little church outside Monpazier

Pizza Cafe in Monpazier


Dordogne River from our bedroom window at Les Magnolias, Lalinde

Molieres - Deux Espresso si vous plait

Monpazier Town Sqquare


Cadouin Town Square and church

Arrival at Belves - Manoir De la Moissie


langles said...

Hi Mike,

Can't believe it's your first trip to France, but you're getting into it like a pro. France is terrific. Keep the stories and pics coming. Very envious!

Soggy Dave

langles said...

Hi Mike,

Can't believe it's your first time in France. Very envious. Keep the rubber side down (now that puncture is done with) and keep the pics and comment coming,

Soggy Dave

Mike Israel said...

Thanks Dave, yep it's been a long time coming but just enjoying this place so much! Hope you are well mate, see you soon

Herb Hesketh said...

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