Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rolling the Dice

Tonight, four plucky mountain bikers rolled the dice and hit the trails in the hope we could squeeze in the regular ride before the deluge arrived.
While our timing was a little out and the Creator of the Universe decided Hornsby needed a good soaking at around 8 o'clock, it wasn't all bad.
It was a gorgeous sultry February evening.
The fading light took on an ominous feel reflecting off the many deep purple rain clouds gathering.
The lightening show on the return leg was awe inspiring. Seeing the trails light up for a second was exhilarating if not a little scary
Finally it came down just as we began the final climb out of the gorge and it was so heavy it was tough to make out the trail at times, we even got that lovely sensation of sipping the rainwater as it streams down your face. Guess you had to be there :)
The ride ended up being a lot of fun and restored the spring in my step sapped away by a working week that is best left behind.
Looking forward to a fun weekend and catching up with mates at the Awaba Rocky Trail GP on a trail that may be in perfect condition with a shower or two to raise the tackiness factor
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