Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pitt Town Pain Train

I love the Pitt Town ride, mostly. Not too hilly, some nice fast flat sections, great scenery and a little longer than our other regular rides. On the flip side it can be a bit tough when
a) It's windy and hot, damn hot
b) Camo and the Jaeger-bomb are on the lookout for fresh meat
c) You always get atleast one local who feels it's his duty to take out the bunch and do his bit for the cyclist genocide movement.
You guessed it, we got the trifecta today and there were a few others looking to take no prisoners either like Lewis and Pistol Pete, not to mention Kane who loves nothing more than to ride off the front and leave us all wondering how he does it.

At just Day 2 of the MOM, most legs are still pretty pumped, mine on the other hand were feeling decidedly lacking, but the mind was willing. It was all pretty sedate through Annangrove and just for fun, MJ dropped his light and rolled off to retrieve it just so he could chase for 15km. No sooner did MJ appear and we hit Cattai Ridge Rd, a favourite hunting ground for the A-bunch. Camo made a little move and Rowdy spotted it first, moving up beside Camo. I'm not sure what he said, but in a matter of moments the bunch looked like it has been hit by a tornado and there were gaps opening up all over the place. I got a little assist from a friendly hand and rolled into Halcrows wondering what I had left. The Gresh prophesied something about the second coming and things getting real and it was a on. A full blooded assault on Halcrows. With about 1km to go Jeremy popped and soon after I was unceremoniously chewed up and spat out the back, but I wasnt ready to give up and hit the lap button to maintain a consistent power and try and pick up some others who might have cracked just a little further up the road. Strava showed just how brutal the pace was with Camo taking the KOM and Pete just a few seconds back in overall 2nd, nice work guys.

For me it was a matter of picking up a few comrades and keeping up a respectable pace to the top of the climb to make the cut, but only just.
Thanks all for a top ride, that one will pay off in the weeks to come
Keep riding

Boys Light Orange

Rowdy, Matt and Lewis

TSS: 230
IF: 0.88
Avg Pwr: 193W (NP 257W)
Distance 100km
Avg Spd: 33.7 kph
Elevation gain: 1128m

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