Monday, May 20, 2013

#ATOC Day 8....a gorgeous ride and some sight seeing in the city

rule #1 - never call it SanFran, it's just the city and what a gorgeous city it is!

For our last stage, we planned to get out ahead of the Peloton and get into Santa Rosa in time.  We started with coffee at the Fairfax Coffee Roastery, Fairfax is held up as the birthplace of Mountain Biking with Gary Fisher starting out in this gorgeous little village.  The coffee was great and I have been surprised that despite the dish water generally on offer at the hotels, the US does have it’s share of proper coffee houses and they do it really well.

Once again the Bonk Breaker Boys/Helen’s Masters Team joined our group.  We were tapping along at a steady pace, along a beautiful road to Reyes Point; a tranquil area with just a few boats houses on the waterline.  Suddenly the call came that with 40km to go, the Peloton were catching us.  In a split second our pace lifted and we could almost feel the chase breathing down our necks
After another 20km of sustained effort I “attacked off the back” of the last four riders and was left to finish the ride TT style which works for me.  I loved riding  through the streets of Santa Rosa with the crowd cheering me on.

So this is pretty much it, our dream of living the life of a pro cyclist is almost over and it has been an absolute blast.  Mind you it’s not all  beer and skittles.
From long days in the saddle when you just want to fall off the bike and sleep, to times when you cant remember your hotel room number, you look in the mirror and think “Boy, I don’t look too great!”, the daily chores like washing your kit in the bathroom sink and trying to keep your bike running smoothly. And of course being away from home, I miss my kids and Sarah dearly and perhaps even the routine of a day job and being home for regular dinner. We’ve been staying at the Hampton Inn hotal chain mostly and they have been sensational. I wouldn’t swap this experience for anything, I have been incredibly blessed not only to be a part of this Masters team with great cyclists who are now life long friends but also to give back a little bit of hope and inspiration to those who have had to mortgage their health in the hope of a full recovery from some form of cancer.  I met a lovely couple today, Steve and Cathy.  So similar to us and Cathy has had breast cancer recently, but has been 6 months cancer free.  I hope and pray she continues in good health.
My facebook page already has all the video and pics from today so check it out

Keep riding

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