Friday, May 17, 2013

#ATOC Day 5 - tough day at the office

Some more beautiful scenery today as we head north, but the block head wind for the last 75km was very tough and required focus and discipline.  In return the finish was situated in a gorgeous little beachside resort known as Avila Beach.  I woke up feeling very average and decided discretion being the better part of valour, that I would sit out the morning session and see how I felt later. After supporting for the first couple of hours, I was feeling much better and climbed aboard the peloton for the last 100km.  Tonight Janis, Heidi, JR, Paul and I had a wonderful Thai meal together at the Thai Elephant in Atuscadero and I drove a car on the "right" side of the road for the first time. Lot's of fun!
Highlight of the day was being there was Jens Voights inspirational solo attack at 5km from the finish.  What an amazing cyclist he is!
Also thanks to the Bonk Breaker boys who rode with us all day and helped us out with some great tasting bars
Enjoy the Vid

#ATOC Day 5 from Mike Israel on Vimeo.

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