Saturday, May 11, 2013

ATOC Day -2

Another glorious day in Irvine CA (yes I found out where we are!) and a big ride to stretch the legs.  Really missing good coffee!

The ride today took in Hidden Valley, Malibu and then a gorgeous climb called Latigo Canyon Rd.  There are just some many good roads for riding around here it is unbelievable.  Many of the US based pro teams come here for their Winter training camps and you can see why.  With your very own proper mountain range on the doorstep of the hotels, it is perfect riding terrain and the weather is perfect another sunny day of 22-23 deg

Today we rode through an area that was recently burned out with big bush fires and all the public works vans were busy racing around repairing electrical infrastructure.  It is a busy place and everything is well organised and BIG.  We rode past fields of coriander and celery that stretched as far as the eye could see.

Then it was a long stretch of road following the coast heading south to Malibu.  Some pretty nice beaches here, but not a patch on Sydney beaches.  Finally we took a left and went straight into a very big climb.  We'd been riding pretty easy all day, and noone (except Green P) really wanted to put a big effort in.  It was great just tempo-ing this climb and marvelling at the views as every pedal stroke took us higher.

The descents here are awesome.  The roads are a little worn and you have to be careful as you can get some soil being washed across the roads on the corners, so they really test your bike handling. Pretty much all the corners and correctly cambered and pretty sharp, it's like riding a rollercoaster, (think  Stromlo Skyline but on the road.  One corner yesterday nearly claimed a few of us as it started quite open, but gradually tightened to the point where it was too late to brake and you just had to commit and lean into it.  Some locals who saw Jon's Pinarello jacket came up for a chat and told us that corner claims many a cyclist (and motorist!)

The day finished with a great mexican meal and we were all ready for bed by 9:30
That's it for now.
Keep Riding

ATOC Day -2 from Mike Israel on Vimeo.

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