Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I LOVE 24 hour racing

Bobbin Head Bombers Sandy Logie, Fiona Dick, Mike Israel and Stan Moore are all smiles after there 2nd place in The Mont Mixed Masters 4

I LOVE 24 hour racing but no I don't think there should be 36 or 48 hour variants. Riding through one night is quite enough.  Some time around around 3am, riding through a crisp clear Canberra night, I really did think to myself, wow this is cool. The fairy lights, the other riders, the drummer in the middle of the bush and the banjo band with smoke machine really made it feel a little bit like Christmas it was such a good vibe.  (the pine trees might have had something to do with that too!)

Camping with our team and my son's Young Gun's team was also a huge highlight as well as catching up with many MTB friends whom I havent seen since STM at Awaba last year.

Stu and Ben MC'ing did a sterling job and seeing Tom and Sandy coming in on their last laps with smiles the size of watermelons was amazing.  Other highlights were completing a lap with Chris Southwood of Flow Magazine.  Now I am not name dropping, but following this guy down SideShow was a hoot and he showed me lines I never imagined and when I hit the final "beer garden" descent with a small gap and a clear track, I pinned my ears back and shredded like there was no tomorrow.  With spectators screaming at Chris to catch me it was the most fun you can have on a bike without landing in jail.

The Mont also has a distinct family feel to it with atleast half the 3000 odd riders being brand new to MTB or still very new to racing.  This is absolutely awesome, as it is the breeding ground for our sport and I loved seeing so many people out giving it a go and having a great time.  It shows a very promising future for our sport and cycling in general.

The track was perfect for this type of event which gives new riders a chance to learn the delicate ettiquette of passing, but also gives more experienced riders a level of comfort that they wont be held up. In 24 hours I only witnessed one poor expression of ettiquette from a rider who should have know better.  I also changed my technique for requesting to pass and found calling "How's it going guys?" as I came up behind riders was a more polite way to go.  They didn't feel pressured, we had a quick chat and before I knew it I was on my way with everyone's smile still intact.

Finally thanks to the many people to who support me at this level.  My friends Jon Leighton, Steve Britt, Karl Goodman, Cathie Drysdale, Peter Melville and Mark Rowling just to name a few.  There are lot's more good people I have grown to love over the years I have been cycling.  My local bike shop Turramurra Cyclery who have set me up on a bike that just never let's me down, the Giant Anthem 29er and of course with darling wife Sarah, what would I do without you.  I love you sweetheart. (To my kids Liam, Dan and Tom, you guys rock my world)

This weekend it's National 24 solos at Stromlo so apart from a few tired muscles, I am pumped for this event as I have never done it before.  Cant wait to do it all again.  And check out my Amgen fundraising page here for when I ride for the Breakaway from Cancer initiative in May

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  • 3,475m
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Frank Brooks said...

Well done Mike!

A great read too.

Mike Israel said...

Thanks for reading and leaving a comment Frank. Hope all is going well for you!