Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Ride to Maroota 17/2

Call it what you will, I call it divine providence, but after a thorough drenching the day before, there were many a rider checking the forecast just hoping that the "isolated showers" might isolate somewhere away from Maroota. were suspecting a spam attack centering on Turramurra but as we rolled through Galston, the fog lifted to reveal a perfect day for riding.

Following a fine rider briefing from El presidente, the riders rolled out en masse, only someone forgot to tell the B's to leave a gap and many found themselves at the back of a very big bunch indeed which can be quite pleasant until one is called upon to hold a wheel.

The A bunch outing would best be described as a solid ride, with a group of 6 or so riders forcing the pace along Wisemans Ferry Rd. It took a little while for Simon to warm up and Nathan drove the pace with Collings, Todd, Kane and Geoff to name a few.

Green P was also conspicuous in his absence on the front, still recovering from Friday night racing, he did well enough to hold on, which is more than can be said for JDS who played the torn hammy card and eased off heading up Halcrows; middle age bites hard as another Gen Xer falls victim to the kids soccer match! Happy birthday mate!

Chris attacked near the top of Halcrows and almost paid for it dearly but managed to hang on as Simon found the ignition switch and lifted the pace through Glenorie . Danish import Michael also made his presence felt following on from his stunning debut at HART on Friday.

Chaz still had something left in the tank to post a great time up Galston, number one father could barely contain his smile as he summitted near the front of the group and many riders posted PR's for the whole ride.

Kudos to the B1's who, decimated by the continuous roll out, took on the enormity of Maroota with just 7 riders. Only 6 returned, number 7 was put down as collateral damage, apparently making a stop at Woollies to refuel. Well done to Tom in his first B1 ride and his first 100km ride, making it back with a big smile. Rumour has it he is still replenishing all those calories.

The B2 bunch, otherwise known as Fester's Harem decided it was a far more sensible idea to ride to Mt White. Maree is a welcome addition and looking part of the team in her new club kit, even if pink isnt her favourite colour. On the way home, the ladies were treated to Fester grinding the 53x11 as only Fester can.

Well done everyone on a great day's riding!
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