Sunday, February 24, 2013


I have to admit, after Saturday's downpour resembling something from biblical originals, the Sunday ride was looking mighty doubtful, but the radar never lies and when the worst of it cleared Sydney and continued south overnight, I hopped out of bed ready to rumble. Long rides are the order of the day with some long MTB races on the horizon, so I was a little surprised to see a small flock of riders, mostly gearing up for a consolation spin at the gym, courtesy of Karl.

Having none of that I declared I was heading to Somersby solo if need be and if anyone cared to tag along they'd be more than welcome, but it would be a solid ride, ensuring there would be nothing left in the tank on return. Karl and Tom quickly raided Coles for some food and it nearly ended there, but the only casualty was a crooked set of bars, so while Chaz made the adjustment, out rolled the B's for Calga. And set a good pace they did!

Finally a group of 11 A's rolled out at a good pace and aside from the wet and debris strewn roads, it was a beautiful humid morning with a thick cloud cover to keep the temperature down around 20 deg.
We kept catching glimpses of the B's but it wasn't until the bottom of Brooklyn that we finally caught them and then stepped up the pace to Mt White. Rolling over Mt White the bunch was feeling good and the call came to roll through, no stopping today. Unfortunately JDS was slightly off the back and then punctured and Mike C was good enough to lend assistance which reduced the bunch to 9. It might have been a poor call but that's just the way it goes sometimes, no malice intended, sorry boys.

Chaz turned at Calga due to school commitments and we were down to an even 8 with Spartacus, Rory, Geoff, Karl, Tim, Tom, Michael J and myself. The rest of the ride was a solid pace, the segment past Peats Ridge to Gosford interchange is some of the prettiest, quietest and fastest roads you can ride on and the team were loving the fast pace and quick turns. Somersby descent was pretty good and the winding Mooney Mooney climb with the chirping birds and gushing waterfalls was perfect. By now the legs were starting to feel it and most were keen to get home after waiting at the top for a puncture repair. Michael even picked up his first leech! He had his foot out of his shoe and asked what's this? Sure enough the tell tale red blotch revealed the leech was on the outside of the sock. Cool as cucumber he just picked it off and powered on!

Karl again set a good pace up Brooklyn, where others found tempo quite enough with a slight tail wind we surged our way back to Pierre's for a well deserved coffee.
Thanks guys for an awesome ride!

Keep riding

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