Friday, October 5, 2012

Nothing to do with Cycling

Just for something different, I thought it would be kinda cool to write a review of my brother's band who played at the famous Sandringham Hotel in Newtown last night. I've never really been one for the live music scene, dont get me wrong I love live music, but other priorities in life have meant late nights in pubs just dont really fit in.

Arriving in Newtown at 10pm I pulled over in the first park I found and hopped it down King St the few blocks it was to the venue. The night life always excites me in Newtown, it is relaxed and chilled and you feel pretty safe. There are so many people out just enjoying a bite to eat and it was cool to see a few treadlies out and about.

Matt's band are called 30three and they have been around quite a few years now mostly playing the Newcastle scene. But they are really gaining a following here in Sydney and so I figured it was long overdue that I got out to see what this band is all about. I had heard it was pretty hard rock, so I braced my ear drums and sauntered up the stairs to where the bands were playing.

The main act for the night were Gene Fehlberg Trio. With Drums, base and lead guitar and a few vocals thrown in they played a mix of eclectic rhythm with haunting melodies. A really good sound and completely original. They changed it up and went hard rock with the drummer leading the crescendo and then it was back to the chilled beats.

A quick changeover and sound check and then it was on with 30three and as you'd expect they came out with all guns firing. Now I am no music affioniado but I heard influences from Nickelback, Pearl Jam, a little Linkin Park and dare I say, even some early U2. The rock was hard and loud but tight and controlled, and again the odd ballad was thrown in to give the ear drums a brief respite. That being said I was loving the Rock and could easily imagine myself doing the hardest set of intervals on my trainer with these tunes pumping through my veins. The lyrics are thoughtful and genuine, almost to the point of introspection from "Dirty Baby" to "Consequence" and "Keep Moving On"

Zarz is the lead vocal with a huge voice and switches between lead and acoustic guitars. He has a classic rocker look and displays the energy and temporary insanity required for such an act. He brings passion to the performance and is the soul of the band. Mitch is on bass and it was the first thing I noticed when the band began to play, this bass is pumping. You wouldnt know it but Mitch has just joined the band and after only 3 rehearsals, put on an awesome performance, you would think he'd been with the band for years. I look forward to seeing what Mitch brings to the original playlist when he has had some time to experiment and improvise. Matt on drums is solid and if Zarz is the soul, then Matt is the heart of this outfit. From tribal percussive to a back beat that knocks your socks off, Matt brings cred and creativity to the menu. Finally there is Kypo on lead/rhythm, quietly spoken sipping on his water before the set, he is a professional (if only he were paid!) You get the feeling this guy could do anything with six strings and he brings the band to a full compliment.

I thoroughly enjoyed the music and meeting the guys and look forward to seeing them again. These guys REALLY DO rock. They are playing this Saturday night at Sydney Livehouse in Lewisham, so if you are in the area, definitely get down and see these guys

Keep Rockin'

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