Friday, December 30, 2011

Month of Madness

After 6 days in the saddle, I thought it about time to record a few observations.
Firstly the wrist/hand is just about 100%. After a couple of weeks of doing not much, it seems to be holding some strength. Looking forward to getting back on the MTB in a week or 2!

Secondly, I am tired, very happy but very tired. It is amazing how much of an impact riding 2-3 hours a day has on your life. It suddenly get's very full. Throw in a spontaneous decision to rebuild the deck, spend time with family/kids, find a little time to relax and this holiday is turning out to be a bit of a saga. But the days go by slowly so that's one good thing. If I am a little quiet or non-communicative on a ride, I apologise up front. Probably I have just nodded off and need a little prod to wake up again.

When I started MOM here is how I looked

After 6 days this is how I look

By the end of MOM this is how I predict I will look

Everytime I stand up too quick, I get this dizzy feeling, which is a bit of a worry when you are rebuilding a deck and using powertools

So what about these rides
25/12: Really nice easy ride to kick things off, 2 gorges

26/12: Maraylya, Camo pulled the most winning-est move on the left turn to Maraylya leaving a few boys red faced and TBG cursing. JDS was in fine form with his quote of the day, "I could of done lots of things" to which Chardy replied "Yes we've heard that alot lately"
27/12: PITS recovery, a few riders got a little excited but for the most part this was a cruise.
28/12: Pitt Town Pain train if ever there was one. I bailed about halfway to Pitt Town and then cobbled together a sorry bunch of 10 or so for an easy pace back to the shop
29/12: 3 Gorges, got a little hectic through Arcadia, but the main bunch stuck together up Berowra and Bobbo

Followed by a trip to Luna Park for the kids and a walk across the Harbour Bridge, what a way to relax!

30/12: Slowest FFB ever, even I managed to keep it in the small chain ring most of the way. Just what the doctor ordered

Tomorrow is the Saturday which is always a smashfest so we'll see how things go. I plan to survive and not much more
Keep riding

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Ania Edmundson Photography said...

Glad you're feeling better! Enjoyed the entry a lot! Keep posting!