Friday, February 25, 2011

Mountain Biking in Northern Sydney

Hi All
As you may know a bunch of ignorant selfish fear-mongering local residents have banded together and convinced the council that providing facilities for mountain biking is a bad idea. The logic goes that it would be TOO POPULAR and so the residents close by to the proposed track would be disadvantaged. Work that one out!!!
And so it seems that Sydney is destined to continue to be barren of any dedicated mountain bike trails. The following is a plea from our trails alliance to speak up and make ourselves heard at what an outrage this really is. It would be great if you could post an email as per the instructions below
Hi Fellow Singletrack Activists,

Happy New Year and we trust you had a relaxing festive season since our last update.

Sadly we have some terrible news.

As many of you might know Ku-ring-gai Council have hit a hurdle with their mtb trail project - the dreaded Nimby.

Stage one - dirt jumps and flow track are approved.
Stage two - cross country loops and XC based skills track are yet to be approved.

An anonymous person spread leaflets around the area stating that Council have approved a dirt bike arena of International renown, din and noise 7 days a weeks, wide spread drug use and vandalism. For crying out loud!

A petition of over 800 people has been raised against it and they are enlisting green groups and even Barry O'Farrell (the local MP). Barry has written letters to residents stating that he was concerned that Council had not really established the need for the facility.

In a surprise move Council have done a backflip and reversed the decision to build all of stage one (they removed the dirt jump park).
They have also put on hold indefinitely any cross country trails. So the Nimby has won because they made a lot of noise.

This will be REALLY sad and WRONG.

So we ask that you write to Councilors. Here are some ideas;

- Thank them for taking steps to provide a facility for us.
- Ask that they do not to remove the cross country components and skills park as the majority of riders are cross country riders needing these facilities.
- Although the proposed trails are a sorely needed facility and great, they do not provide a long enough ride to attract people from that far afield and most users would be from the local area.
- Tell them who you are, do you have kids?, the good things about riding, and that you support a healthy lifestyle etc.

For some reason we have a bad image of being a bunch of hoodlems so PLEASE PLEASE write a positive email to Ian the Mayor and copy the Councilors sometime over the next couple of weeks.

As before lets unleash the emails and show them that we need to be considered!

Mayor - Ian Cross

Other councilors

And if you want;

But be nice and positive and just demonstrate the need.

All the best for 2011 and lets hope we can keep the opposition at bay and start building this year.


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