Friday, December 24, 2010

2010 Wrap Up

The last few weeks of the year has been all about having fun with a mix of mountain biking and road biking (albeit on a mountain bike!). The 8 hour at Awaba was a blast, this being my first outing on the track and what a great day it was. Kurt and I finished a respectable 9th in the open men's with 14 laps.

There was also the Peloton Sports Christmas party, I just have to mention it because not only was so much fun being on the catering crew, but the food and wine were simply amazing. 60 wood fired pizzas baked n site made with only the best Italian ingredients complimented by the best Italian Wines provided by the Terminator himself Tremain Permewan. See Enoteca Italia for more details. The pizza's went from oven to mouth and as the wine flowed so did the laughter as JDS picked up his new mountain bike just in time for Christmas.

See the following videos for a hint of what I've been up to. Having had a bit of a rest period, it's now time to start training again so I have a huge base load coming up over the next 5 weeks with the month of madness, riding everyday for 30 days with Peloton Sports.
2011 is looking good with heaps of races to choose from and I might even sign up for a road race, who knows!?

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone, this is a great time to stop and reflect on the many good things we have been given in this country and of course the ultimate gift when God sent his Son to earth to pull of the greatest epic there ever was and ever will be.
Keep Riding

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