Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Life goes on post WSC

Since the "BIG" one it has been interesting to see that there is a life outside of training and cycling. I realised I had accrued a massive "life" debt and so set about rebalancing my priorities. Of course that didnt mean an end to cycling (that would be unthinkable) just a shift in priorities.

Yes there were all those niggily little jobs around the house to catch up on, such as mowing lawns etc., but it was also time to invest in the family and what beeter way to do that than guessed it...take them foir a ride! haha I can see you are rolling your eyes already and thinking doesnt this guys think about anything else?

So the first outing was the Spring Cycle, this is a really fun ride from North Sydney (over the bridge) then out through strange places like Five Dock and Haberfield to finish at the Olympic Park Homebush. A little longer than last year, the family nearly perished in the last 10km, but they made it and I was so proud of them. Riding an event like this is a great sanity check on why we ride...BECAUSE IT IS FUN!

Following that little outing, I was surprised to hear my better half asking about the TORC training camp and whether we could still join in and take the kids. We had been thinking about when we could get the kids to ride Stromlo and this seemed like the perfect chance. I needed about 3 milliseconds to think this one through and before we knew it we were booked in on the camp and heading down the Kings Highway for our first ride at Sparrow Hill. The whole weekend was awesome and all three kids rode all the way up Stromlo. Even more impressive they loved it and since we returned home they have been on their bikes almost every afternoon.

The next outing was the Sydney to Gong and this was something I had committed to do with my friends at EDC. With only a week out from the Fling, I figured this would make the perfect warm up ride and as I hadnt really been doing too much training for the last 4 weeks, it was a good chance for some fun and a few little efforts. Karl, Dean, Pete and I rode down as a foursome and had an absolute ball. The crowd at the finish was amazing and when I let it slip that I would be letting the train go in favour of riding back I came in for my fair share of "he's crazy" type looks. The ride back was just as good, though a fair bit harder into a head wind and with some decent climbs. Upon reaching Waterfall I figured I had done enough and hopped on a train to Central. I few winks of sleep and a bidon of energy and I was ready to go again for the last hop to home. 180km all up for the day and I felt pretty good. Bring on the Fling!
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