Monday, August 16, 2010

Appin 400

A very enjoyable race today, the track was the best I've seen it, the last time I rode it was the Bright Orange 8 hour in 2008 and there have been lot's of improvements since then. So glad I brought the duallie, the EX8 just loves rocky technical trails like that, and even then I managed to go over the bars twice!

All the regulars were there which was great to catch up, with a couple of notable absentees, which was fine by me, more chance to podium.

I came here for a training ride and to test the pins after all the training I have been doing. I'd had an intense bunch ride Sat morning and Sat night the legs were still aching when I walked upstairs. I pulled out my trump card, a packet of magnesium bath flakes, yes call it a herbal remedy unproven and unscientific. I also ate enough pizza for two and had the Linebreaks on for most of the night, so all that combined and a breakfast of champions at 5am Sunday and I was ready to race.

The first three laps I went out hard and was leading the Masters, but a brief pit stop on Lap 4 and a nice stack up one of the hills, where the front wheel kicked right off a rock and I was thrown into a superman pose, saw me drop back to 2nd. I fought hard for the rest of the day and got close, but another stack on the final lap saw me settle for 2nd after 11 laps of the 10km course.

Ther race had a great vibe and even the weather was smiling sunny all day and a brief storm shower in the afternoon just to get the track tacky again and cool things off. I took home a lovely set of Elixir 5 brakes so they'll be going straight onto the 29er!

Thanks to all the volunteers and helpers for a great day. There were an army of St John's guys and gals there and Hugh and I had a great chat for a lap as he folllowed me looking for people needing mechanical help. Nathan P was also a guiding pillar for me racing in a pairs team we were often trading places and chatting as I strove to keep the cadence up and punch out another lap.

Keep riding



Kev said...

Nice one, but personally I'd keep the XT's on you can't beat shimano for brakes.

mightymike said...

yep, I read all the forums and was excited to be going Shimano, but they just didnt do it for me. Not enough power and less modulation than what I am used to.

TheBarron said...

well its quite natural for the brakes to feel "weaker" i have experienced it with the super fly and the super fly 100 compared to the mighty Nishiki. heres my theory "due to the bigger wheel and the more rotating mass and the same same size rotor it like sticking a 4" rotor on the front end of your 26inch bike, i.e big difference (loss of power) so what you can do to fix this problem is to put a 7" rotor on the front. :)