Friday, June 11, 2010

Training Update

Well it was just 4 weeks ago since training began in earnest for the WSC24 and everything is coming along nicely. My training program of 3 weeks on and one week off is working well thanks to the guys at FTP and I am feeling stronger after every session. I have forgotten what it feels like not to have that dull ache in my legs and at times taking my usual two steps at a time is more than I can manage, so this week off has been great. Mind you I still got a chance to do a few laps around centennial park and a couple of games of soccer with the Knox 1st XI means it wasnt all rest this week.

The training has been great and I have found it interesting how much it has taken over my life. To even train at this level of around 10-12 hours per week is all-consuming while still fulfilling the responsibilities of Dad, husband, and breadwinner. I get test to the results in the STM Round 3 this Sunday at Yellowmundee. Even more exciting is it will be the first outing for my new Giant XTC 29 1. I have a really good feeling about this bike and I am hoping it is comfortable and quick enough for me to use as my main ride when the WSC comes round.

Plans for the WSC are also looking good with a number of people getting behind me with offers of sponsorship. I am hoping that Turramurra Cyclery and TORC will take care of marquee hire and EDC are also interested in providing some support which is fantastic, and there are a few other irons in the fire.

My support crew has now been significantly bolstered with the addition of Gary Eastment. It is great to have you on board mate. Our catch cry is "If you're breathing, then you're riding!" I have known Gary for over 15 years from the first time I visited Teen Ranch all those years ago, also the place I met my beautiful wife, but that's another story. Speaking of which I must say this training fits in well with home life too. All that time on the trainer means I am home more often and the higher intensity, shorter time sessions equates to virtual marital bliss, or as close as you can get to it when you have such lofty goals.

I had one of those moments riding home in the traffic up the Pacific highway this evening, you know when you are fit when you reach the top of a pinch and you are out of the saddle and you have the capacity to kick over the crest and accelerate, instead of collapsing back into the saddle and half pedal for a while till your legs recover. It is an awesome feeling to know the training is paying off and you are on target for a personal best result.

So what is coming up?

  • 12/6: STM3 Yellowmundee (7hr)
  • 14/6-4/7: Stage 2 of training program
  • 19/6: Husky 100 (100km)
  • 26-27/6: Weekend with Sarah in Canberra. Training at Stromlo with Kev
  • 5-11/7: Recovery week
  • 12-31/7: Stage 3 of training program
  • 29/8: STM4 Stromlo (6hr)
  • 12-17/9: FTP training camp
  • 25/9: STM5 Appin (10hr)
  • 27/9-8/10: Taper
  • 9-10/10: WSC24
I have even had to forgo my beloved Dirtworks and Angry Doctor, but time and money are limited resources and my focus is soley on the WSC for 2010. That's it for now

Keep Riding


Kev said...

Good luck tomorrow enjoy it. Sorry I'm not going to make it. Enjoy the 29er. See you at Nowra.

chops said...

keep pedaling strong and looking forward to hearing about the 29er around the mundee.. see ya at the husky