Monday, November 9, 2009

Highland Fling 2009

There are so many highlights from this year's fling it is going to be hard to keep this report to a reasonable length, so I will give you an executive summary
Perfect weather
Great company and some excellent results for TORC
The track was in fabulous condition, you roadies are in a for a real treat come "Roadies Day Off"

In my race, it was a team of four TORC riders with Mike F, Peter C and Stu B (in his maiden 100km race) and I pushing each other on which just has to be one of the best things about racing like this. Mike F and I passed each other 6 times until he finally put me in my box.

All that being said, I certainly came in for my fair share of misfortune, with a gear cable tail getting caught in the rear wheel spokes in the opening km, the mouthpiece of my camelback splitting forcing me to drink without a mouthpiece and ending up with more optimiser down my jersey than down my throat, and then the mother of all washouts "at speed" on a downhill section in the outer limits. A bit of skin off, but thanks to elite riders Tim and Stu for picking me up and getting me rolling again.

The race was tough and the new starting section designed to thin the field had the opposite effect and soon became like a shopping queue at Woollies. But the absolute highlight of the day was in the early stages while I was riding at the back of the bunch with up to 100 hundred riders in front up a very steep hill. I glanced up and noticed some hesitation with a couple of guys stopping, I looked to my right and saw the not so obvious arrow leading to the right so off I went...eureka!...I am at the head of this huge bunch on a cattle trail the width of a tyre and it feels like I am leading the race, what a buzz. Of course the buzz quickly faded when we caught the lead bunch all queuing at the head of some very gnarly single trail and it wasn?t long before I was back in my rightful place.

The presentations were definitely worth the wait as I won a spot prize, a full set of Ayup lights for going the right way! Thanks Huw and Ayup!

For the four TORC guys, it was Mike F and Peter C followed soon after by Stu and myself close behind. Peter claimed 13th in the masters category and I rolled in 19th. I don?t have results for Stu or Mike yet, but no doubt they were at the pointy end of the field. Sandy Logie again showed he is the man of steel taking out 2nd in the Grand Masters.

In the Women we had three podiums, Alison M got 3rd in the Open Women's half fling. In the Masters it was TORC 2nd and 3rd for Martine and Larri. Kelly M claimed 2nd in the Open Women's Full Fling. There were lot's of other great performances, Matt H and Marco were there and Fester and Tracy played out their regular grudge match, apologies if I have missed others who were there. We will update this list when the official results are published.

Thanks everyone for a great weekend.

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Ride Time 5:52
Cals 4917
Avg HR: 79% (max 92% of 185bpm)
Dist: 112km

What I ate
2ltr (+ or -) of Optimiser
2 bananas
800ml Gu
600ml water
9 gels (1 gel every half hour)

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