Thursday, September 3, 2009

Training Update

Intense session at HART on Tuesday night was awesome, and felt a little stronger than usual, actually hung on to the fast guys so felt encouraged that this extra training i starting to pay dividends.
Last night was the regular Wednesday Night Quarry Rd Track MTB ride. Took Tom to baseball then raced back, tuned the gears on my MTB after replacing the busted cable, a quick 10 min drivetrain clean and off I go. I havent eaten but figure that will be OK, would rather train on an empty stomach and see what I can acheive. A quick bunch tonight which is great, I am feeling OK and keeping up with Pete who is riding insanely well. I am wary of going too hard because I want to do Boundary Riders in the morning, but push hard up the last climb.
Home, dinner, get ready for BR and in bed around 9:30. Up at 5 and the legs feel tired, but not too bad. Breaky of porridge and Rice cereal and drive to Wahroonga then ride down to Roseville. This is great warm up and it is a beautiful morning, watching the light appear and the sunrise gets closer. Really enjoy BR, finish just behind the frontrunners in the sprint and stop for a coffee with the bunch. Meet Phil, David, Steve and Henry then roll out for the ride back to Wahroonga. Highlight was passing Sarah on her way to work in the other direction down through Turramurra. Big smile!
Rest day tomorrow, then Saturday West Head and Sunday will try and get a long ride on depending on how the family is travelling
Doctor here I come

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chops said...

sounds like so much fun...are u racing at ourimbah on sunday, i need to redeem myself :)