Thursday, August 27, 2009

Weekend in the box

Friday morning, we had tradies coming for renovations so their was no time for the full FatBuster. A quick blast out to Westleigh and 4 laps of Quarter Sessions Rd, and then back within the hour. Not bad for a 30km jolt, I felt strong and ready for the 3 ring circus the next day.
Saturday morning, I link up with Steve and we're headed for Wingello. Once arriving I go through the usual routine of registration, get ready and a little warm up ride, and it was at that point I started to think the legs were a little flat. This would be a 50km sprint, and right from the start it was on, but unfortunately I was off. From the very first incline, the legs felt like jello. I was making up some ground on the descents and the single track but for the most part I was eating the dust of passing cyclists as I struggled to find some power in the legs. My goals quickly evaporated and I reset to "If I can just ride the wall I will be happy", which I did, accompanied by the praise of the riders I passed walking up that lovely "little" pinch. From there it was just a matter of enjoy the ride.
Coming in 5th out of 5 much stronger TORC riders, I vowed this would not happen again and determined to re-double my training efforts to try and bridge the gap in time for the doctor Congrats to the Three Amigos on Ibis', Steve, Tony and Pete and especially to Josh in his first MTB race and so the next morning....
I love spending my Sunday mornings in the box, in fact this report had to be cut short because I am still trying to catch my breath since returning from Marayla. There are no pictures to go with this rant because my camera is still out there somewhere trying to pedal it’s way home. After completing a 50k MTB race on Saturday, I wasn’t sure how the legs would cope, but heading up the other side of the gorge I was holding on in reasonable fashion so I thought what the hell, I might as well keep going. A re-shuffle at the top left me way to close to the front and as we wheeled into Dural, it was time to pull what I hoped would be the shortest turn in history next to Steve Knight who annihilated me yesterday at Wingello. We thought we were cruising along quite nicely, and no sooner had I said to Steve, “This is a good pace”, then I heard the mighty rush of rubber against asphalt, and the attack came with such ferocity, it was just a blur of red, white and blue, as the top guns put down the hammer.
I long stream of shattered riders stretched out on front of me and I was making sure not even my grandmother got left behind. A stroke of luck for me when three guys with their heads down missed a turn. Drastic, chased them for a bit to try and call them back to no avail, but atleast now I had someone to ride with, and so it was back to Galston, with Drastic and I working together through the picturesque countryside. We picked up John B and David back through the gorge and although the legs were aching a bit I still felt happy with the effort and pushed hard back to the coffee shop to finish closer to the A’s than the B’s.
So it has only taken me 2 years to figure out that 150km a week (and that would be a big week) is never gonna cut it. It’s only 3 weeks till the Angry Doctor raises it’s ugly head, I had better go for another ride!
This week, recovery Monday, Boundary Riders Tuesday, Quarry Rd Wednesday, Recovery Thursday, Fat Buster Friday and planning Akuna bay on Saturday and Mangrove Mountain on Sunday.
Rsult for 3 Ring Circus (one to forget, check out the Yellow loop, completely tanked!)
105(o'all) 28(cat) Mike Israel 15:21.9(21) 1:19:01.6 (16) 1:04:27.9 (28) 2:38:51.4

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chops said...

YOU RODE THE WALL.... THATS AWESOME (i didnt) how was ya heart at the top..