Friday, September 26, 2008

Professional Development

A really big day of those days that will probably stay with me for quite a while.
Three things keep buzzing around in my mind
Schools, learning, education is never going to change until
1.) Teachers get appropriate professional development in order to fully comprehend and learn these new tools for learning. A couple of hours on the last day of term once a year just doesnt cut it
2.) Students need access to fast Internet connections via mobile devices
3.) The change needs to come from the top. Until governments, educational authorities and school executive groups actively sponsor the change of teaching practice in schools, it is always going to be a few keen teachers pushing the envelope and getting remarkable results while the rest complain about how the laptop is just a "distraction"
That might sound like a whinge, but actually it was a pretty good day. Time I started recording some PD resources in Youtube :)
Signing off, but I doubt I will get much sleep tonight, too much to think about

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ajep said...

I'm with you all the way with that! I too do remain positive though; even if we just change one teacher at a time.