Monday, September 8, 2008

Angry Doctor 2008

A memorable day, here are some key points
- Gorgeous day, after 3 days of rain, the track turned out mostly dry and hard packed. Some very fast single track and downhill fire trails, closely followed by some bone crushing climbs.
- 6hr 37 mins, 18th in the vets, not to bad
- great road trip with Matt Cohen, fellow jazz muso
- made rego just in time, caught up with Sandy, rode the Scott gambler
- dont know how many calories I did, but I ate lots of pasta night before, porridge and creamed rice for breaky. On the track four gels, 3 powerbars, one red bull, most of 2 litres of staminade, sustagen at the 80km mark was a god send.
- rode with Simon (Nat Parks guy) for most of the day, I thought he had left me for dead at the 70km , mark. At this point I was in a hurt box approx 6 feet long with the lid half nailed down, could barely walk up the hill let alone ride with some doubt flashing through mind mind whether or not I would finish. Some very nasty cramps made it interesting whenever I got on or off the bike.
Miraculously caught up to Simon and Ben at the 80km mark and we finished the race toghether, cheering louding each time as we passed each 5km marker, and crossing the finish line 3 a breast. Just awesome, as was the massage from Kate at Chiroports.
Will I be back? You bet.

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